For Intuit, created control-beating mailings for 11 different product lines; launched ‘QuickBooks Simple Start’ and awarded most successful new product of 2003

For the Kern Agency, wrote lead-gen mailings for Citrix, Network Solutions, Xylan, and Printek—consistently achieving 5% to 15% response rates

For Agora Publishing, wrote 30 longform mailings for print, web and broadcast lead-gen, with an unheard-of 60% becoming controls:

⭐️ Invented the bookalog format and saw response increases of 80% to 350% 

⭐️ One bookalog, A Man’s Right to Wealth, was voted one of “10 Best Mailings of All Time” by the American Writer’s Institute and remained unbeaten for 4 years 

⭐️ Another bookalog, How to Disappear from the IRS, was the best tax mailer ever

⭐️ Still another, Plague of the Black Debt, mailed a record 30mm issues 

For GMAC, wrote 6 affinity group lead-gen mailings; 3 became controls

For Phillips Publishing, wrote 4 longform mailings, with 2 becoming controls and one (ChangeWave) becoming the most successful new book & advisory of 2000

For AAA partner agencies, wrote 10 mailings for membership, products, and insurance…with 3 becoming controls

Produced successful campaigns as well for ValueClick, Best Software, Bank of America, BASF Agproducts, Marsh Affinity Insurance Services, Hollywood Reporter, PBS, NatureBalanced Vitamins, INVESTools, Smarthome, Wall Street City, SBT Software, The Practice Builder, Gold & Silver Financial Group, West Indies Cigar Club and more...